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Books and Essays by Gene Knudsen Hoffman (1919 – 2010)

Quaker (Religious Society of Friends) Writer and Peace Activist

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Compassionate Listening: An Exploratory Sourcebook (a free, 33-page PDF document) Perspecitives and Resources About Conflict Transformation By Gene Knudsen Hoffman, Leah Green and Cynthia Monroe. Introduction by Dennis Rivers

Gene Knudsen Hoffman

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Introduction to these essays

Compassionate Listening — First Step to Reconciliation?

Speaking Truth to Power 

No Conflict, No Reconciliation 

An Enemy Is One Whose Story We Have Not Heard

Listening for Truth 

On Preventing Future Holocausts

Review of Forgiveness: Breaking the Chain of Hate, by Michael Henderson.

Spirit and Trauma: A Universalist World View as an Instrument of Healing.   Published by the Quaker Universalist Fellowship in 1994.  

“Compassionate Listening”

and other writings by Gene Knudsen Hoffman,

Quaker Peace Activist and Mystic

Edited and introduced by Anthony Manousos

“For more than half a century, Gene Hoffman—through her essays and poetry, her workshops and speeches, her travels and her witness—has been a fountainhead of creative spirituality and courageous peacemaking. This will be a rich resource for those who come after her.—Richard Deats, Editor of Fellowship magazine, Author of Martin Luther King, Junior, Spirit-led Prophet (Faithworks, 1999).

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