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A Summary of the Seven Challenges: Summary of the Seven Challenges -thumbnail image A brief summary of the SEVEN CHALLENGES:  This letter sized handout gives a brief description of each of the SEVEN CHALLENGES, as described in the Workbook, and includes miniature versions of the cartoon graphics in the Workbook. (If you do not already use Adobe Acrobat, you can get free, view-and-print software from Adobe by clicking here .)   (Spanish edition is two pages.) English – PDF Spanish – PDF
The Cooperative Communication EMERGENCY KIT Thumbnail image of conflict resolution emergency kit A one-page list of suggestions about how to manage  and resolve conflicts. Many conflicts get worse than they actually need to be because the participants lose control of themselves and retreat into self-reinforcing patterns of attack and counterattack.  Here are seven suggestions, drawn from the literature of conflict resolution and psychotherapy, that can help you navigate your way through everyday collisions of needs and come out still liking yourself and able to work with your “partners-in-conflict.” PDF Version
Worksheets for exercises with The Five Messages (pdf format):
Five Messages Worksheet for Self-Expression Five Messages Worksheet for Listening


How to get printed and PDF copies of The Seven Challenges Workbook


buy printed copy from  regional printer for price  shown plus shipping

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Seven Challenges PDF


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Seven Challenges PDF
Suggestions and Invitations for Study Groups: 1. Download and read the  Seven Challenges Cooperative Communication Skills Workbook . (It’s free.) 2. Try out some of the actions suggested in the  Workbook . 3. Find a friend (or several) who is/are interested in learning new communication skills and plan a weekly study meeting. 4. Begin keeping a journal of your learning experiences as you explore new ways of communicating. 5. Select and read one of the inspiring books featured in our online Bookstore and Reading List . 6. Begin thinking about how you could help to create a climate of cooperative communication and problem-solving at work, in your family, and in your community. 7. For ongoing news and views, visit our Blog/News/Views page . 8. Send me your comments and suggestions —  about the Workbook, this site and your learning experiences.  Use our Comments and Suggestions Form to compose and send me an e-mail message.
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