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I find it a considerable challenge to be a teacher and advocate of cooperative communication skills in a world continuously at war.  But I am inspired by the example of the two sides in the long running Northern Ireland conflict.  After generations of armed conflict, the combatants themselves realized that they had created a world in which there was no hope for their own children.  That gave them a powerful motivation to do a kind of peacemaking that seemed impossible at the time. In my own family, there were also conflicts that went on for generations, and I can remember the arrival of a baby girl being the impetus for the beginning of family peacemaking.  We were either going to pass the troubles on to yet another generation, or we were going to have to start talking and listening to one another in new ways.

In this blog you will find the continuing efforts of the Seven Challenges Workbook extended community to dream the impossible dream, which, it turns out, is not so impossible after all.  Last year (2018) we reached about 162,000 people with free communication skills learning/teaching materials!  And if you Google for the words, “free communication skills workbook,” The Seven Challenges Workbook comes up at the top of the list.  Thank you for making this web site a great success.  Gifts in support of this web site will help us continue to extend our reach.

Dennis Rivers — January 2019


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